disel rhino

Diesel Rhino is a Premium Eco friendly Diesel Enhancer formulated to improve on today's modern diesel. Diesel Rhino is a Cetane Enhancer, it disperses water in fuel and is an injector cleaner which lubricates the fuel injection system whilst prolonging the life of the engine.


Noticeably Increases Engine Power & Performance

Improves Fuel Economy by up to 10%

Injector Cleaner and Fuel System Lubricator - Prolongs Engine Life

Reduces Emissions Drastically

Removes Water from Fuel
Stabilises Fuel Throughout the Year

Suitable for Biofuels and Diesel

Suitable for ALL Diesel Engines

Diesel Rhino WILL save you money.



DATA SHEET -  http://www.dieselrhino.co.uk/Diesel_Rhino_CHIP.pdf

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